5 Dos and Dont’s for Naturally Beautiful Skin

Do’s for Naturally Beautiful Skin

1) Clean makeup before sleeping

Your skin needs to breathe. Make sure that you remove your makeup before going to bed. The reason is that your skin needs to breathe overnight. If you sleep with your makeup, breathing is prevented. Leaving makeup overnight clogs the pores and creates blackheads or blemishes. Use some olive oil on a cotton pad and massage the oil gently on your face. This will get rid of the dirt and makeup. Cosmetology clinics in Bangalore provide a good service for people with many different skin problems.


2) Avoid Sun

Though we try to avoid going out during sunny days, it’s best advised to apply sunscreen with an SPF measure of at least 15. This will help in blocking the harmful effects if both UVA and UVB rays. Large amounts of sun exposure can lead to wrinkles, age spots or quick aging and other skin problems. Thus, protect your skin by making sure to use products which are ‘nonacnegenic’ or ‘noncomedogenic’ which avoids blocking the pores. You can avail a skin care treatment in case if you have got any serious damage in your skin.


3) You are what you eat

Always keep a note on what you eat. Make plans to eat greens, fresh fruits, and food products with sufficient proteins and vitamin content. Do take a diet which is rich in vitamin C plus low in fats. This promotes radiant skin. Thus, a low-sugar diet will keep your insulin levels down letting the cells to maintain a healthy balance. So, do take care of what you intake. A smaller plate with nutritious foods is always a good diet compared to junk foods. You can consult skin care doctors in Bangalore to know about the dieting plan and other information.


4) Move your body and exercise regularly

It can be simple activities like jogging, running, playing sports or yoga. This gives your body the needed blood circulation and also helps in accelerating the cleansing process of the whole body. This will give a natural glow on your face after any workout. Even a brisk walk for a few minutes can give your body the necessary nourishment. So, schedule a plan for a minimum of 15-30 minutes of exercise daily to keep your skin healthier and beautiful.


5) Do take proper rest

try to sleep for at least 8-10 hours every night. Otherwise, you will feel tired and your skin also gets tired and dull. It starts to sag and you ultimately get bags under the eyes. Another advice is to apply honey on your face 2 or 3 times a week to naturally heal and soothe your skin. Also, make sure to hydrate yourself. Do drink a lot of water – at least 8 glasses daily. Also, eat fresh fruits and vegetables that are rich in water content like watermelon, orange,  cucumber, strawberry, cantaloupe and grapefruits.

 skin care treatment in bangalore

Dont’s for Naturally Beautiful Skin

  • 1) Don’t skip to take care of their skin

People often ignore or skip to take care of their skin either before or after a workout. A lot of changes happen in our body when we exercise. It is important to remove the sweat and other toxins released in a proper way. If unnoticed, this sweat can become the root cause of other skin diseases. You can apply a toner which can help in minimizing the oil production whenever you head out for exercise. Also, exfoliate your skin after any workout, and it is a good technique to apply shea butter or moisturizers or olive oil to soften and moisturize the skin. So, Don’t ignore skin care during workouts. There are several skin and hair treatment clinics in Bangalore that help you out in maintaining a perfect skin.


2)Don’t miss taking daily care of your skin

A few easier methods like massaging your jawline and the facial muscles can help a lot if done over a prolonged period of time. A minimum time of 5 minutes a day is sufficient to make your face look fresh, brighter and energetic. Another exercise that can be done is to jut out the lower lip so that it creates wrinkles on the chin area and then lower down your chin. This simple exercise and many other such exercises help in stretching out the facial muscles which makes the skin more firm and beautiful So, don’t ever miss a day to take care of your skin.


3) Don’t eat junk foods

Taking too much oily, fermented foods, spicy, salty and fried foods can alter the natural flow of hormones and might result in other health issues. So, it becomes even more difficult to regularise the skin health and beauty. These foods can increase the heat level of the body and can cause acne and other skin irritation problems. Thus, it is a best practice to instead take blander foods like applesauce, oatmeal and rice products. Several other simple home remedies like making mixed fruit juices or intaking natural foods are also preferable. There are body slimming therapies available in Bangalore that are very efficient and affordable.


4) Don’t avoid the sunscreen

Many of us ignore to take care of our skin based on the present climate. It is very important to use different products for different climatic conditions. Even if it’s cloudy or the temperature is cold outside, you can apply sunscreen or skin care products to keep it in the good condition. It’s best advised to not make any excuses in this scenarios as this could lead to damaged or unhealthy skin after a period of time. You can consult with skin care doctors in Bangalore to know which skin care product to use and their pros and cons along with any possibility of side effects.


5) Don’t Pop pimples or other skin infections

Use appropriate skincare products instead of popping the pimples or scratching them. As this action can lead to more redness, swelling and even scarring. There are better alternatives like using rose water to clean to the infected area and placing a mildly chilled green tag packet for about 10 minutes and using sunglasses or glasses also helps prevent the skin damage. Also, don’t miss to clean the skin around the nose and eyes, without which it can lead to oil clogging the skin pores. You can consult with any of the hair treatment clinic in Bangalore to get a healthier skin and hair treatment.


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3 Treatments to Reduce Fat – Freeze the Fat

freeze the fat

Cryolipolysis Treatment

Is there an easy way to reduce fat cells from your body? It is possible with Cool Sculpt Cryolipolysis procedure. It is a type of procedure in which fat cells are reduced by treating at freezing temperature. Cryolipolysis is a safe procedure that targets the fat cells without causing damage to the surrounding cells. The science behind this technique is proven beyond doubt. We provide body slimming services that help enhance your persona. The Cryolipolysis treatment is conducted in a safe and secure manner in the clinic. The procedures are executed in a controlled and effective way. Our state of the art equipment facilitates the precise cooling effect and eliminates fat cells gently.

Once the procedure is completed, the frozen fat cells are crystallized and eliminated from the body via the lymphatic system naturally thereby giving you a sculpted look. This procedure helps in eliminating unnecessary fat that has not disappeared despite diet and exercise. Cryolipolysis is the effective way to get your body into shape. The procedure is done at Keosha cosmetology clinic is long term provided the doctor’s instructions are followed. That means you can keep your toned body in the same way once the procedure is completed. Since the fat cell elimination is a natural process, there is no side effect associated with this procedure.

Keosha cosmetology clinic has the customer first principle. This is reflected in the way we treat our customers, how we discuss the various solutions available to us. We do a full 360-degree checkup to understand your body structure and then only give the recommendation for requisite procedures. Our Cryolipolysis procedure is world class and gives you the best possible treatment. This is evident by the high patient satisfaction. Visit our cosmetology clinic in Bangalore to understand better about Cryolipolysis procedure.

RF Fat Reduction Treatment

Keosha cosmetology clinic is updated with the latest and the state of the art in body care i.e Radio frequency fat reduction. It is one of the innovative techniques that are created to reduce fat from the body easily. Tired of having the strict diet and exercise regime? Then Radio Frequency fat reduction procedure is the one for you. It works by delivering energy to the fatty regions of the body heating them up. The controlled heat works deep within the fat cells and destroys them. This is a completely safe procedure. Keosha cosmetology clinic has strong expertise in the use of this technology to give you the great body you have always desired. Radio frequency is a versatile procedure that works well in any part of the body. Small areas such as chin too large areas such as the abdomen can be treated with this procedure.

Keosha cosmetology clinic takes customer satisfaction seriously. That is why we give full information about the procedures we conduct. We get the customer comfortable with the procedure by counseling them personally. Over years, our experts have accumulated strong expertise in this procedure. RF fat reduction has the twin benefit of reducing fat and also tightening the skin. It targets collagens that cannot be targeted by exercise or diet. The treatment given at Keosha cosmetology clinic is designed to improve body shape and reduce unwanted fat from various areas such as thighs, abdomen, upper arms, face and neck etc. The advantage is that this is a nonsurgical procedure that helps recontour your shape. We also understand that different person has different requirements for their fat reduction and we vary the procedure according to customer preferences. The entire procedure will be complete within an hour. Clients who have followed our recommendations have seen incredible results in their body transformation. Keosha is considered the best cosmetology clinics in Bangalore.

Cavitation Treatment

Most people take extreme steps to reduce fat in their body. You don’t need to go under the knife. There are better procedures available in the healthcare industry that enables quick fat reduction without side effects. One of them is the cavitation treatment. It works by focusing ultrasound on your body and reducing fat by the vibration and heat generated. This is a 100% natural procedure and our experts assure you the best treatment. Everyone’s body is made up differently and it is essential to appreciate the difference. We at Keosha cosmetology clinic in Bangalore do that. We take a full scan of your body and prescribe the right cavitation treatment. Our ultrasound procedure is one of the latest additions to our aesthetic treatments. It works tirelessly to eliminate the extra inches from your body and achieve fat loss.

Our ultrasound procedures are non – invasive. No blood, no anesthesia, and no side effects. The best part of this procedure is that it gets completed within an hour. Since this procedure uses high-frequency sound waves, there is no trauma associated with this procedure. This treatment is versatile and can remove fat from most parts of the body such as the abdomen & thighs. Cavitation procedure is 100% natural as it liquidates the fat cells leaving other cells intact. You will only feel a warm sensation while the procedure is executed. This technology is proven and is therapeutically safe.

Keosha cosmetology clinic in Bangalore has a reputation for delivering amazing results in skin care and body care. Our body aesthetics experts will help you give the sculpted look you have always desired. Come to explore the various solutions we have for you.

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6 Tips to Glowing Skin during Summer

Skin Care Tips for Summer 

summer skin care

Summer is here. You may be afraid of it as it takes a toll on the skin. The pollution, scorching heat and humidity take away the natural glow of the skin. This will also lead to infections in some cases. While summer brings its benefits in terms of tasty mangoes, roaming in the day without taking care of our skin is not a great idea. Before getting any complications it is better to take care of your skin proactively. The tips which I give you here will help you to avoid the
hassles and keep your skin pure and perfect. These tips are so easy that you will start following them immediately. You can thank me later for saving your skin.

1. Exfoliation
The primary care you can give your skin is exfoliation. Skin cells are shed by the body at an astonishing rate every minute in a day. They need to be get rid of. If you don’t do that, then the old skin cells get settled and make your face dull. You are not going to get the glowing skin if you do not exfoliate. There is no use in spending money on lotions and other beautification products. Use an exfoliator while you are in the shower every 2-3 weeks. You can get amazing results.

2. Use sunscreen
When the sun is hard on you, it is time to use sunscreen. Always use the latest tube of sunscreen. Remember, everything has an expiry date and use them within that date. There are sunscreens in the market that come with UVA and UVB products. If you want to enjoy the sun then reapply it every 2 – 3 hours.

3. Use less makeup
Go for a minimalist makeup. It is better to have less makeup when you go out. Natural looks are best when you go in the intolerant sun. You can use slight powder with the foundation to avoid having patchy skin. Always use lip balm or lip gloss to protect your lips from the sun. This will make your lips fresher.

4. Drink lots of water
Water is the most important constituent of our body. That includes our skin cells. You need to consume at least 8 glasses of water to keep your skin supple and soft. Make it a practice to drink water once every 30 min. Water helps to keep fresh. It also prevents dehydration and helps you flush out all kinds of a toxin. It is an age-old medicine for any type of skin disorders. Skin cells are overexposed to the sun compared to other cells. Therefore they need better care. Water is an only natural element that can grant that.

5. Befriend body lotions
While water may cool you internally, your skin needs the immediate cooling effect on the surface itself. This is where body lotion comes into the picture. Make use of a good body lotion that is specifically useful for summers. While selecting lotions see whether it is fast, light and absorbing. You need to apply body lotion right when you come out of the shower. This will help you to soak in the moisture your body has from the shower.

6. Take care of your feet
While most people take care of their face they forget their feet. You need to ensure that your feet are taken care of. Applying a good foot cream along with sunscreen will ensure your skin is soft and supple.

Summer brings the hot sun and also the skin diseases. You can enjoy the sun if you take precautions. It is better to be safe than sorry. When you are armed with these tips you are ready to welcome the summer while others shy away from it. Make friends with water and moisturizers. We could help you get you treated with the glowing skin at Keosha Clinic, best cosmetology clinics in Bangalore. They will take care of you when you roam around in the scorching sun. Take good care of your skin and keep yourself happy and healthy.

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Hair Loss – Causes and Treatments

Moreover, 85 percent of men and women who experience the ill effects of hair loss, thinning hair or another sort of scalp condition regularly utilizes some type of hair regrowth treatment strategy or vitamin supplement to help.

Best Hair Regrowth Treatment

Indeed, there are various hair regrowth treatments you depend on to enable you to fight hair loss and regrow hair. Furthermore, no, these hair regrowth treatments don’t include costly or possibly perilous hair transplant or laser hair treatment methodology or a wig. There are a few things you can do normally to decrease hair loss and help to regrow hair. Also, we are going to educate you concerning the best hair regrowth tips for developing thick hair.

Before we get into the best tips for regular hair growth, you first need to understand In today’s world, both men and women want to have long, thick, healthy hair. Despite the fact that this attracting quality may come naturally when you are young, keeping up healthy hair and even re-growing hair becomes very difficult as you age. As men and women age, hair loss and thin hair turn out to be increasingly a bad dream. Truth be told, 35 million men experience the ill effects of hair loss and 21 million ladies experience the ill effects of hair loss across the nation.

4 Main Causes for Hair Loss

The reasons for hair loss have been researched by our cosmetologists and scientific researchers for a long time. Studies have shown that hair loss is caused by various problems and in addition a blend of issues, for example, age, stress, illness hereditary qualities and even a vitamin lack. In fact, our own hair care practices also lead to the cause of hair fall. Here are the few causes of hair loss.

1. Aging for Hair Loss

Aging is likely the primary cause of hair loss in men and women. Although some adults encounter hair loss before they turn 30, around 40 percent of men and women fight with thinning hair and hair loss after the age of 40. In fact, in excess of 55 percent of women will encounter hair loss or thinning hair sooner or later in their lives. Menopause is the factor responsible for causing hair fall in women as they age.

2. Stress and Anxiety

In your daily life, you face many stressful situations which makes you pull out your hair, however, this expression is very close to the truth. Stress is one of the major reason for hair loss. Recent medical studies have proved that increased levels of stress can lead to many skin diseases, such as rashes and breakouts.

3. Hormonal changes and chemical imbalance

Another regular cause of hair loss is hormonal changes. This is the basic reason behind hair loss in women. Women who are pregnant or are experiencing menopause will regularly encounter hair loss problem. This is on account of both of these situations result in extreme hormonal changes and synthetic uneven characters. As mentioned above, which is the reason hair loss is so regular in pre-and post-menopausal women beyond 50 years old.

4. Vitamin Deficiency:

Sometimes, we are solely responsible for our own hair loss. Hair loss can be caused by a vitamin deficiency. For instance, low iron levels can cause thinning hair or hair loss. This is a typical issue among women. Iron insufficiencies can prompt dull, dry, and harmed hair and nails, which leads to simple breakage.

What are the causes of Hair Thinning?

Through years of logical and therapeutic research, hair loss specialists and cosmetologists have confirmed that the greater part of men and women who experience the ill effects of hair loss don’t understand hair is thinning until around 50 percent of hair has dropped out. Subsequently, legitimate hair care practices and common hair regrowth treatments should start earlier in life.

Hair thinning is the primary indication of hair loss. It can affect your life seriously. Hair thinning is ordinarily caused by the same issue from hair loss, however, it leads to complete hair loss if left untreated.

Hair Loss Treatments

PRP Hair Treatment – Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

It is a proactive therapeutic treatment for both male and female patients experiencing hair loss.  PRP is a non-surgical therapeutic treatment for patients who require vigor of hair growth for hair loss conditions. PRP therapy provides patients with a long lasting, permanent solution through the body’s natural healing process. PRP is not something that wears off over time as with a traditional pain injection.

Hair Rejuvenation

So, where do you start? Visit our the clinic today to find out the root cause of hair loss. Find out the reason

  • Is it due to aging?
  • Hormonal imbalance?
  • Vitamin deficiency?
  • Any other medication?

At Keosha, Bangalore sit with our cosmetologist or skin and hair specialist, to help you find the best hair loss treatment method suits you.