Hair Loss – Causes and Treatments

Moreover, 85 percent of men and women who experience the ill effects of hair loss, thinning hair or another sort of scalp condition regularly utilizes some type of hair regrowth treatment strategy or vitamin supplement to help.

Best Hair Regrowth Treatment

Indeed, there are various hair regrowth treatments you depend on to enable you to fight hair loss and regrow hair. Furthermore, no, these hair regrowth treatments don’t include costly or possibly perilous hair transplant or laser hair treatment methodology or a wig. There are a few things you can do normally to decrease hair loss and help to regrow hair. Also, we are going to educate you concerning the best hair regrowth tips for developing thick hair.

Before we get into the best tips for regular hair growth, you first need to understand In today’s world, both men and women want to have long, thick, healthy hair. Despite the fact that this attracting quality may come naturally when you are young, keeping up healthy hair and even re-growing hair becomes very difficult as you age. As men and women age, hair loss and thin hair turn out to be increasingly a bad dream. Truth be told, 35 million men experience the ill effects of hair loss and 21 million ladies experience the ill effects of hair loss across the nation.

4 Main Causes for Hair Loss

The reasons for hair loss have been researched by our cosmetologists and scientific researchers for a long time. Studies have shown that hair loss is caused by various problems and in addition a blend of issues, for example, age, stress, illness hereditary qualities and even a vitamin lack. In fact, our own hair care practices also lead to the cause of hair fall. Here are the few causes of hair loss.

1. Aging for Hair Loss

Aging is likely the primary cause of hair loss in men and women. Although some adults encounter hair loss before they turn 30, around 40 percent of men and women fight with thinning hair and hair loss after the age of 40. In fact, in excess of 55 percent of women will encounter hair loss or thinning hair sooner or later in their lives. Menopause is the factor responsible for causing hair fall in women as they age.

2. Stress and Anxiety

In your daily life, you face many stressful situations which makes you pull out your hair, however, this expression is very close to the truth. Stress is one of the major reason for hair loss. Recent medical studies have proved that increased levels of stress can lead to many skin diseases, such as rashes and breakouts.

3. Hormonal changes and chemical imbalance

Another regular cause of hair loss is hormonal changes. This is the basic reason behind hair loss in women. Women who are pregnant or are experiencing menopause will regularly encounter hair loss problem. This is on account of both of these situations result in extreme hormonal changes and synthetic uneven characters. As mentioned above, which is the reason hair loss is so regular in pre-and post-menopausal women beyond 50 years old.

4. Vitamin Deficiency:

Sometimes, we are solely responsible for our own hair loss. Hair loss can be caused by a vitamin deficiency. For instance, low iron levels can cause thinning hair or hair loss. This is a typical issue among women. Iron insufficiencies can prompt dull, dry, and harmed hair and nails, which leads to simple breakage.

What are the causes of Hair Thinning?

Through years of logical and therapeutic research, hair loss specialists and cosmetologists have confirmed that the greater part of men and women who experience the ill effects of hair loss don’t understand hair is thinning until around 50 percent of hair has dropped out. Subsequently, legitimate hair care practices and common hair regrowth treatments should start earlier in life.

Hair thinning is the primary indication of hair loss. It can affect your life seriously. Hair thinning is ordinarily caused by the same issue from hair loss, however, it leads to complete hair loss if left untreated.

Hair Loss Treatments

PRP Hair Treatment – Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

It is a proactive therapeutic treatment for both male and female patients experiencing hair loss.  PRP is a non-surgical therapeutic treatment for patients who require vigor of hair growth for hair loss conditions. PRP therapy provides patients with a long lasting, permanent solution through the body’s natural healing process. PRP is not something that wears off over time as with a traditional pain injection.

Hair Rejuvenation

So, where do you start? Visit our the clinic today to find out the root cause of hair loss. Find out the reason

  • Is it due to aging?
  • Hormonal imbalance?
  • Vitamin deficiency?
  • Any other medication?

At Keosha, Bangalore sit with our cosmetologist or skin and hair specialist, to help you find the best hair loss treatment method suits you.