Most people take extreme steps to reduce fat in their body. You don’t need to go under the knife. There are better procedures available in the healthcare industry that enables quick fat reduction without side effects. One of them is the cavitation treatment. It works by focusing ultrasound on your body and reducing fat by the vibration and heat generated. This is a 100% natural procedure and our experts assure you the best treatment. Everyone’s body is made up differently and it is essential to appreciate the difference. We at Keosha cosmetology clinic do that. We take a full scan of your body and prescribe the right cavitation treatment. Our ultrasound procedure is one of the latest additions to our aesthetic treatments. It works tirelessly to eliminate the extra inches from your body and achieve fat loss.

Keosha Clinic

Cavitation Treatment

Our ultrasound procedures are non - invasive. No blood, no anesthesia and no side effects. The best part of this procedure is that it gets completed within a hour. Since this procedure uses high frequency sound waves, there is no trauma associated with this procedure. This treatment is versatile and can remove fat from most parts of the body such as abdomen & thighs. Cavitation procedure is 100% natural as it liquidates the fat cells leaving other cells intact.. You will only feel a warm sensation while the body slimming procedure is executed. This technology is proven and is therapeutically safe.

Keosha cosmetology clinic in Bangalore has a reputation of delivering amazing results in skin care and body care.

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