Hair can be considered to be a health barometer. Losing about 100 hairs daily is a normal occurrence. It can happen when you comb your hair or sometimes when you didn’t do anything. New ones always grow and replace them.If you see more hair on your pillow or in the shower, you don’t have to ring an alarm bell. It’s a common phenomenon.

But, if you face excessive hair loss, then you need to start looking into a lot of things. Hair falls can be attributed to many numbers of reasons. It could be because of illness, genetics, poor diet or even any medications. Excessive hair fall can be extremely disturbing and embarrassing. Two approaches that can be followed to prevent hair loss are– medical intervention and diet.

Before seeking hair loss treatment, converse with our specialist about the reasons for hair loss and the best treatment alternatives.

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Hair Fall treatment in Bangalore

Cosmetology hair treatment in Bangalore is a very common practice. You can consult a dermatologist in any of the Cosmetology clinics in Bangalore to undergo a hair fall treatment. Depending on the reason and the extent of the hair fall, it can be cured with a pill or a topical application. These are quite effective but the only drawback is that you need to keep using it. Your hair will start to fall when you quit using these medicines.

One other hair loss treatment in Bangalore includes Hair replacement. This is considered to be a great option for both men and women. Common methods include scalp reduction or hair grafts. Hair grafting is a procedure usually done at the dermatologist’s office. You might need to attend several hair treatment sessions to get a natural look.

Scalp reduction surgeries are being done in many Cosmetology clinics in Bangalore. The surgery involves surgically removing the skin which doesn’t have hair. It gives a natural look of someone with the full head of hair. This hair fall treatment in Bangalore can be done in conjunction with the hair grafting process as well.


Several Cosmetology clinics in Bangalore perform Mesotherapy. It’s highly effective for hair loss. This method has been a great success in the US and European countries. The Mesotherapy treatment is completely painless and safe. Make sure that, you take professional Cosmetology hair treatment in Bangalore. Mesotherapy needs no dressing or any sort of anaesthesia. Thus, after the treatment, one can just easily go back to work.

Mesotherapy hair treatment in Bangalore is more effective than the tablets used in hair rejuvenation or restoration purposes. Mesotherapy helps bringing the right materials at the correct place needed. This is proven to be one of the best hair fall treatment in Bangalore because of it.

Low Level Laser Therapy

This is also one of the most widely followed hair fall treatment in Bangalore. This can be used together with other treatments if the hair loss is progressive. It is also preferred if hair regrowth is desired after 12 months. Keosha Clinic, Cosmetology hair treatment clinic in Bangalore involves usage of other medications like ketoconazole or androgenic alopecia spironolactone for females. Combinations of pills like minoxidil, finasteride and ketoconazole are found to be more effective than individual usage.